Online Tools

An additional focus of program development for Coaching 101 is to provide continuous professional development to ensure a congruency of practice among the community of coaches. On this page, you will find various online tools that will help you to sustain your practice (these tools can be used on mobile devices as well). The Coaching 101 Program allows program partners, proficient coaches, and future proficient coaches to access the following online tools:

Ipad and the Coaching 101 tools Handbook

The Coaching 101 Handbook

  • Need to review the three content areas of Active Listening, Questions, and Relational Trust/Feedback? Then this is the tool for you! The Coaching 101 handbook provides coaches with a review of Foundational skills through multiple videos and activities. The handbook also serves as a study guide for participants that may have to take the online Academy in one of the content areas.

The Coaching 101 Video Gallery

  • A hallmark of the Coaching 101 program is the viewing of coaching conversations during training. This video gallery supplies coaches with the chance to watch multiple videos on different subjects.

The Coaching 101 Going Deeper Modules

  • The Four Hats
    • The Four Hats module explores the four distinct roles of a presenter, a consultant, a facilitator, and a coach. It also explains the difference between informative and mediative roles.
  • Coaching for Administrators
    • Participants will have the chance to review the Foundational coaching skills, explore the four types of strategic conversations, and examine the low will/high skill teacher type.
  • Exploring Data Through the Coaching Lens
    • In this module, participants will have the chance to explore multiple sources of data, understand that data is connected to the human being, and examine phase one of the Collaborative Learning Cycle.


  • Expand your thinking with articles written by the Coaching 101 Core Team.